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Getting Your Child To Take Supplements

Supplements and herbs can have amazing benefits but only if they are taken in the doses prescribed. This is not always easy when children are involved. Things such as taste and texture can have a huge affect on whether a child will agree to take their supplements. This means as parents we may need to get a bit creative and look for imaginative ways of disguising these supplements. Below are some handy tips to have up your sleeve when you find yourself in this position.

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Most Common Childhood Nutrient Deficiencies Part 2

In part 1 of this 2 part blog we explored two of the four most common childhood nutritional deficiencies, Zinc & Magnesium, and looked at some of their amazing roles in our body, described some possible deficiency signs and symptoms, and provided a list of foods where they can be found in higher amounts. Here we continue our exploration by delving into the next two most common childhood deficiencies – Iron and Vitamin D.

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Most Common Childhood Nutrient Deficiencies Part 1

Getting children to eat a balanced and healthy diet can often be extremely challenging. Sometimes even getting your child to eat can be the challenge. Nutrient deficiencies can occur for a variety of reasons e.g. weak digestion, malabsorption issues, nutrient deficient soils in which our fruits and vegetables are grown to name just a few.

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